• Fliiby Publisher Program

    ... host, encode and monetize your content!

    Cut down your storage costs, encode your files for free and make money on all your ad views. Join Fliiby revenue sharing program and easily monetize any type of digital content.

  • Fliiby Plus+

    ... distinguish yourself!

    Unlimited storage and bandwidth, encryption of files, remote uploads, ads free browsing and many more features as part of our premium program, for only 5$/month

  • Fliiby Embed

    ... embed any type of file

    Just upload your files and paste embed codes into your site. We support web preview of images, audio, video, flash and documents with html fallback for all other file types.

  • Fliiby

    ... every file dreams about it

    It's a file library, one stop destination for all your files.
    We enable you to backup, share and publish files
    with who you want - the way you want.


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